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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


is back in town. :)

Meet the owl family strikes back!

I want you to meet..

Pinky :)

Greeny :)

and Creamy :)

and the other member from the owl family.
Coming up 14.01.2010

Happy January :)


Unknown said...

aaah pinkynya lucu Mba Gal :)
Sayang waktu itu aku udah keburu beli yang coklat,huhuhu.

hanum said...

harganya berapa?

Monasisca said...

ini lucu deeh, tas yaa?
berapaan mba?

Nadhifa Irmadilla said...

lucu bangeeeet. harganya berapa? said...

Lucu mbak, di FB GarageStore koq ga ada yah...
berapa harganya?

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