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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recently Added

Got a new shoes.. (again!) Yaiiiyy..
Bought it online from Friendster :)
Still dunno where to wear it thou'

Sneak Peek

Anyway.. how do you feel about this dress?

isn't it fabolous?

well im going to remake this dress and this one's gonna be one of the new selection handmade clothes at Garage.

coming on 20.01.2008

please do have a visit darl. :)

crazy things that we do :)

act cool, me and my besties are on the crazy mood. :P

Meet My New Shoes

Ngga sengaja, waktu nemenin pacar saya, uppss my ex-bf actually :P -- nemenin ke pameran komputer di Landmark, i was accidentaly bumped into sum old shoes store -- seriusan toko jadul! Hihi.. toko ini kalo ga salah udah ada dari jaman Bapak Ibu saya masih SMA dan sempat jadi toko sepatu terkenal waktu itu.

I always loveee going to that store. The smell and the shoes, ooh it kinds of remind me of my grand ma house. Hehe.. dari jalan-jalan sore ke pameran komputer dan berakhir di toko sepatu, damn! I found a very ultimate tragic old shoes yang entah kenapa bertengger di toko itu dengan manisnya.

Waving -- waving -- "Buy me!"

So anyway, akhirnya saya beli juga sepatu itu. Hehe.. its a leather shoes, a lil bit pointy and oh gosh, i love it!!

So tell me, do i look okay or do i look like some girl called slankers from Jember –
or Mr Fals groupies as in Oemar Bakri song wannabe?
Haha.. you tell me. :P

from now on, im gonna call this shoes "Sepatu Idaman hati"
Yaiiiyyy Hahaha..

Something from Our Garage

the dress::oversized sunnies::vintage candy tote bag

::black long coat:: want sum? :)

:: the dolly necklace::
the bigger oh yes its the better :)

::red hair piece::
sumthin for your hair??

::School Healthy Sandal::
makes your feet comfortable :)

::bowie belt::
a sweet belt for your daily dress

it's just a few.
more collection,

move a side skinny! we heart the harem :P

im going to say that i was terribly-defitenely-falleeeyy for harem!
Hampir lima bulan yang lalu saya melihat harem pants di runway report sebuah fashion blog and i was like, woowww.. its a GENIOUS, i know im a lil over react but heeyyy.. harem pants is a bless for someone who has paha besar seperti saya. :P

Well anyway, kalau kamu suka Harem pants, GOOD NEWS, you can order here. Yaiiyy..
Sistemnya Pre-order 1 minggu ya, karena kebetulan yang 4 pc harem pants yang saya bikin sudah terjual semua. More upcoming ready stock harem on January 20th. So please be aware and prepare yer wallet. :P

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shoes for this week :)

What becomes of the broken-hearted? They buy shoes
quotes by Mimi Pond

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