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Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Dear peeps, Garage Store's Facebook acc is full, if you want to see our collection, please add us

Sorry for your inconvenience.

Thank You. :)

Hello-Sorry from Garage

Hello peeps!
We're sorry for the lack updates.. *sigh* and the -very late- reply. Im in the -very hectic- situation this month, and im really sorry for not replying your message or email. Im still working on the new collection, coming on Sunday 5th July 2009, i hope you guys still check out this blog.
Meanwhile, ill give you a lil preview for our newest menu.

Enjoy. :)

various handmade loose top.

various handmade daily dress

patterned blazer, still in peeps! :)

from the sixty dress.. oucchh!

Meet them at 5th July.

Sixty Society

Thank You. :)