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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Suprise :)

What's up on Sunday (22/03/2009) ??
Its a secret dear Peeps :)

Hint : Sunday Sale

Don't forget to visit GARAGE on Sunday.
We'll do have something cute for you. :)


Gerha Jayamala said...

mba, surprise sunday nya man nih? aku nungguin loh drtd hehehehehe setelah dpt link ini kmrn, aku jd kl browsing pst buka ini hahahahaha

Miss Garage said...

Dear Gerha, thanks for stopping by. really flattered..

Kita upload jam 16.000 WIB yeap. Thanks. :)

missWong said...

ah, that second dress is gorgeous~

Miss Garage said...

Thanksss Miss Wong :)

Anonymous said...

hi there!
found you at IB, anyway you have nice blog. care to exchange link?

Miss Garage said...

hi there, surely do ;)

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