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Monday, March 30, 2009

Classic Addict

Develop a classic, timeless wardrobe to get the most bang for your style buck.

One of the first steps to building a classic, timeless look is getting off the fashion fad track.

Just like this one :)

a legendary band merch shirt.

all time flowery :)

Shocking colour long dress :)

eighties jumper. :)

the famous daily dress :)

and... a pair of shoes. :)

perhaps two?

errr... or three? :P

Meet them at "CLASSIC ADDICT"
Friday 3rd April 2009
only at GARAGE Store.

Thank You. :)


rocknrollmommy said...

galuh, gw nge-tek yang nomor 3 dong sepatunya! ada size-nya berapa? thanks

t a l i s h a said...

garage, mbak galuh.. duh spatu aku gmn kbrnya?
aku sms kmren
ktnya bakalan dikabari
td aku sms gada blsan
aku dah send msg jg d fb..
kalau spatuku gada, tlg transfer balik aj uangnya gpp kok
soalnya aku diomelin sm mamaku,
brgnya gak dtg2 pdhl uangnya dah aku trnsfr.. duh tlg yah kejelasannya.. thx

Anonymous said...

mba galuh, dress yg shocking colournya aku mau bgt dong..brp harganya?plis kabarin scptnya ya..

Rain said...

the blue oxfords are amazing :) masih ada di storenya?

somethingsweet said...

dress yg shocking colournya brp?

reply yach..lucu bgt

Nadilla Fedriany Soenardhi said...

kalo yang jumpernya masih dijual ga?

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