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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remember December

I got a feeling that you might need a comfy warm boots for this rainy season.

Coming up next only at Garage Store peeps :)

Remembering Annie, watching these vid always makes me happy.
Well i hope you will too :)

PS : Hello copy cat, please stop stealing our photos. Thank you :)


Rimma Izzaty said...

yang coklat brp ???

Miss Garage said...

165rb sista. Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

kalo yg putih?ukurannya?

Miss Garage said...

yg putih itu size 37 tp udah sold out sayang. :)

Anonymous said...

yang coklat ukurannya berapa?

Anonymous said...

yang coklat ada ngga yang ukurannya 37?

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