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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello-Sorry from Garage

Hello peeps!
We're sorry for the lack updates.. *sigh* and the -very late- reply. Im in the -very hectic- situation this month, and im really sorry for not replying your message or email. Im still working on the new collection, coming on Sunday 5th July 2009, i hope you guys still check out this blog.
Meanwhile, ill give you a lil preview for our newest menu.

Enjoy. :)

various handmade loose top.

various handmade daily dress

patterned blazer, still in peeps! :)

from the sixty dress.. oucchh!

Meet them at 5th July.

Sixty Society

Thank You. :)


Anonymous said...

very nice,,, cant wait!

Anonymous said...

very nice,,, cant wait!

Dina Tria Febriyanti said...

cute . i love the one c:
tag me in your FB . and i will wait before the time c:

Miss Garage said...

Anonymous : thanksssss :)

Dina : will tag you! Thankkkss :)

Anonymous said...

garage store dulu pas awal2 keren koleksi2nya
skrg kok mulai keliatan kyk barang2 dr fleamarket banget ya? kyk sering gitu liat di Pasar Senen sama Gede Bage. Terus foto2nya kalo bisa jangan diedit warna sama cahaya, jadi ga jelas warna bajunya. Service nya jg makin payah nih. message ga dibales, komen ga dijawab, ga tau baju mana yang masih avail/booked/sama shop.


Miss Garage said...

terimakasih atas masukannya yaah. :)

dellapawpaw said...

yg pic pertama itu brpan??

Anonymous said...

various handmade daily dress itu dijual ga say??

Miss Garage said...

dellapawpaw : 85rb sayang. :)

Anonymous : dijual say.. 145rb. :)

Anonymous said...

kl aqau pesen gmn caranya yha??

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