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Friday, July 24, 2009

Black or White? I Want Both.

Lately i've been very obsessed with BW digital imaging. Therefore i playing around with my camera and photoshop plug ins. It was really fun and now, i think im officialy in love with this colours. I think BW it's very simple yet sophisticated. :)

anyway, im going to upload the stuff above for Sixty Society Update
Come by peopleee :)


beautiful things said...

aku mauu dong yaaa dress item. brp ya harganya???

Miss Garage said...

hwaaa udah sold out sayang.. item lain mungkin? ^^

Anonymous said...

gambar yang paling bawah, baju terusan motif kartun, dijual tak???
harganya berapa yah??

Anonymous said...

yg sepatu no 3 dri bawah, masih ada??
pls jwb yak, kirim ke emailku aj di

nyun.yuni said...

this, I want
masi ada?
ordernya gimana ya?

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