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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We'd Like to Keep You Warm :D

Knits make it happen
Knits are the fabric for long lean looks.
Here, you can keep yourself warm yet still stylish on your own way.
Knits coordinates that cling like crazy.
This one, ecology appliqued.

::Knitwear Special::
Comin' on Saturday 14 Feb 2009
Meet them at Garage.
Thank You. :D


intan bercerita said...

hei miss garage, thanks for your comment on my blog ;)
i really love knitwear, especially the third photo on your post :)

meishya said...

mbak Galuh, aku suka banget ur cardigan on second photo. masih ada gak? berapa ya? please respon ya.thanks

andra said...

cardi di foto ke tiga itu masih ada nggak yaa??

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