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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thrifting, Thrifting

Look what i've got from thrift market this weekend. :)

a vintage shoes for only IDR 30.000,-

doctor marten shoes for only IDR 70.000,-

platform shoes IDR 80.000,-

these are mine and not for sale, sorry pal.
my friend said im such a great hunter, well am i? hehe
FYI. im a shoes freak'o

catch ya'll later :)


orenjinosky said...

anjrittt...doc marten!!!!!!!!!


Miss Garage said...

xixixixi.. masih pengen docmart putih nih, belom dapeet huhu..

dian said...

woa.... such a damn lucky ur...
hunting dmanany sis? sapa tao ak mao mngikuti jejakny sis? hha

Miss Garage said...

hihi.. dapetnya di Bandung.
Mari main-main ke Banduuung.


Ardelia de Lala said...

wah Bandung mananya?

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