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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

move a side skinny! we heart the harem :P

im going to say that i was terribly-defitenely-falleeeyy for harem!
Hampir lima bulan yang lalu saya melihat harem pants di runway report sebuah fashion blog and i was like, woowww.. its a GENIOUS, i know im a lil over react but heeyyy.. harem pants is a bless for someone who has paha besar seperti saya. :P

Well anyway, kalau kamu suka Harem pants, GOOD NEWS, you can order here. Yaiiyy..
Sistemnya Pre-order 1 minggu ya, karena kebetulan yang 4 pc harem pants yang saya bikin sudah terjual semua. More upcoming ready stock harem on January 20th. So please be aware and prepare yer wallet. :P

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Thanksoooo. :)


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